Organic Hemp Protein

  • Mesh Size: 100mesh
  • Protein: 50% 60% 70%
  • Purity:>99.9%
  • THC:<2ppm
  • hemp protein

    What is organic hemp protein?

    Organic hemp protein powder is made from high-quality organic hemp seed by hulled and high concentrated. As a result, we get the best hemp protein with fewer impurities and high content protein. Above all, it’s also vegan and GMO-free.

    First of all, organic hemp protein powder is an all-natural source of plant-based protein that is free from gluten and lactose. Furthermore, hemp protein is high in fiber which is necessary for a healthy digestion system. Finally, organic hemp protein is free from all common allergens, suitable for sensitive stomach.

    Hemp protein is a natural plant-based product that contains all 20 amino acids,  including the 9 essential and 2 semi-essential amino acids for the human body. Hemp protein contains over 20 kinds of minerals and traces of elements. Therefore, hemp protein becomes one of the most popular 100% natural protein powder. Most noteworthy, we can supply hemp protein in protein content 50%, 60%, and 70%.


    PRODUCT NAMEOrganic Hemp Protein
    ORIGIN OF PLANTCannabis sativa L.
    APPEARANCEFine powder
    COLORGray white
    TASTE & ODORCharacteristic
    PARTICLE SIZE100mesh
    PROTEIN(DRY BASIS)(NX6.25)%≥50%
    MOISTURE≤ 8%
    HEAVY METALPb<0.4mg/kg
    PESTICIDE RESIDUEComplies with NOP & EU organic standard
    TPC (CFU/GM)≤ 10000cfu/g
    MOULD & YEAST≤100cfu/g
    STORAGECool, Ventilate & Dry
    SHELF LIFE18Months
    REMARKCustomized specification also can be achieved

    Processing Technic

    Right from the raw materials, the input raw materials will be well stored in the low temperature-controlled warehouse,(15℃ max.) in order to keep the stable premium quality of the raw materials all the time.

    Our hemp seeds are hulled from unique patented technology without any heat to maximally keep the original hemp flavor and nutrition. It is pure vegan, non-GMO, EU & USDA organic certified.

    hemp protein process


    hemp product packing