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Who are we?

HEMPLAND is an organic agricultural company integrating the cultivation, processing, and distribution of hemp seeds, hemp hearts, hemp oil, and hemp protein.

Hemp seed is the most nutritious and easily digested food on earth, and the most comprehensive source of protein, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids needed by the human body. It is the only food that can provide all the daily dietary nutrients needed by the human body. It is also the only food that can maintain human life without any other nutrient sources.

What is Hemp?

Hemp seed contains 35% carbohydrate, 30% protein, 35% fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and abundant vitamin E and no more than 8% saturated fatty acid.

The protein content of hemp kernels is as high as 25%~31%, which is second only to that of soybean (35%). Because hemp kernels contain 33% albumin and 65% hemp kernels globulin, which are very similar to the composition of protein in human blood, therefore, the protein of hemp kernels is easily digested and absorbed by human body.

Eating a small bag of hemp seeds a day can ensure that adults have a daily protein requirement. No food on earth can provide such comprehensive protein nutrition as hemp seeds, and at the same time, it is easy to digest and absorb, even soybeans cannot match. Soybean protein is actually very difficult to digest and absorb by the human body.

Compared with other high-protein foods, such as chicken protein, tofu, breast milk, and whole milk, the protein content of hemp seed is much higher than that of other high-protein foods. Therefore, the hemp seed is a well-deserved “perfect protein” source.

What can we do for you?

Over the past years, HEMPLAND has very good cooperation with many excellent distributors and brands all over the world, provided with the best organic quality products and service.

As more and more people realized the nutritional values of hemp products, hemp products become more and more popular. We will not stop to work hard to provide a better service for you as an expert in the hemp market!

Our passion is delivering innovative, cost-effective organic ingredient solutions to keep you ahead of trends. Whether you operate on a global or local scale, we’ll work to keep you ahead of trends and improve your profitability.

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