Planting Base

HEMPLAND’s planting base is located in Shanxi province. It’s located at the foot of Taihang Mountain, the climate is warm and humid. The unique hilly area provides the most suitable soil for cannabis growth. Ample sunshine time ensures better growth of cannabis seeds.

The planting area is far from industrial, agricultural, and human settlements. Completely free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other chemical fertilizers. Safe, natural production methods can provide reliable organic raw material for cannabis products.

Planting base

In order to ensure the best harvest, we use the most scientific methods to cultivate:

1. Seeds, it needs to collect the full seeds of the year and come out under scientific maintenance.

2. Germination, the hemp seed is placed in the water for 24 hours and then taken out to dry a little, it can be better to soften the seeds, and also promote germination.

3. Soil, the land is deeply plowed before planting. It is more important to add a certain base fertilizer and mix well. Plowing the plowing to ensure that the soil is soft.

4. Sowing, hemp seeds are used for seeding. The row spacing is set to 50 cm, the plant spacing is 20 cm and must pay attention to the seeding depth to maintain 3 to 5 cm, not too deep.

5. Conservation, after the seed is planted is beginning, we must pay attention to thorough watering, especially pay attention to the observation of climate and weather conditions and a small number of watering treatments in the later stage.

6. Revolutions, hemp can be planted on the same piece of land for several years, and it can rotate with other crops. Hemp responds well to most pre-crops. The introduction of cannabis in crop rotations may also improve soil health.

7. Harvest, seed harvest occurs after 4 to 6 weeks of pollen detachment. Fibers are usually harvested 70 to 90 days after sowing. The end use of the product has a significant impact on the harvesting method.

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