HempLand is based on many years of industry technology accumulation, we use advanced equipment and processes, through the final processing of hemp seeds cleaning, shelling, sorting, selection and more than a dozen processes to make hemp products.

Raw materials such as stone removal, shelling, color selection, low-temperature cold pressing, microwave sterilization, finished product packaging are all advanced equipment at home and abroad. The whole set of production technology and technical equipment have reached the leading level of international marijuana production. Compared with the domestic counterparts, the quality level of Hempland’s Hemp products has been widely recognized by the industry.

Organicway Inc has modern production and processing workshops and raw material cold storage. The cleaning, grading, shelling and sorting processing lines of hemp raw materials are all patented technology products independently developed and manufactured by Organicway Inc company and are equipped with internationally advanced color selection. Production equipment such as machine, X-ray sorting machine, microwave sterilization device, magnetic separator, low-temperature oil press, and superfine crusher.

HempLand’s hemp seed products strictly follow the food safety components, and rationally arrange the production and processing environment and equipment. For each batch of raw materials and finished products, they are tested by authoritative third-party testing institutions and have passed many quality certifications including organic certification. Product safety can withstand the testing of customers around the world. Hemp-Land organic hemp products have won the trust and recognition of customers all over the world with excellent quality, reasonable and competitive product prices and advanced service awareness.

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