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HEMPLAND has modern production and processing workshops as well as cold storage warehouses for raw materials. The cleaning, classification, hulling, and sorting production lines of hemp raw materials all adopt patented technology developed independently. The production equipment is fully equipped, such as an X-ray sorting machine, microwave sterilization device, color sorter, low-temperature oil press, and ultra-fine crusher.

HEMPLAND’s hemp products strictly follow food safety requirements and reasonably arrange the production and processing environments and equipment. Each batch of raw materials and finished products, they are tested by authoritative third-party testing organizations and passed many quality certifications, including organic certification.

HEMPLAND’s product safety can withstand testing by customers worldwide. The entire set of production technology and process equipment has reached the leading level of international cannabis production, and the quality level of HEMPLAND’s hemp products has been widely recognized by the industry. Our organic hemp products have won the trust and recognition of customers around the world for their excellent quality, reasonable and competitive product prices, and advanced service awareness.

Our manufacturer

HEMPLAND utilizes independently developed, designed, and manufactured patented technology and equipment to provide high-quality hemp products to the global market. Our main product lines include selected hemp seeds, hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, hemp seed protein powder, hemp protein isolate and hemp peptides, etc., and have become an important production and supply base of hemp food raw materials in the world. .

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