Organic Hemp Hearts (Green Skin Less Than 5%)

Appearance: Kernels with green skin
Color: White with green and orange flecks
Flavor/Taste: Characteristic nutty
Odor: Characteristic

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What are Organic Hemp Hearts (Green Skin Less Than 5%)?

Organic Hemp Hearts (Green Skin Less Than 5%) are premium-grade hemp seeds that have been carefully processed to ensure the highest quality. Packed with nutritional benefits, these hemp hearts are an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Bulk organic hemp hearts, meticulously sourced and processed to deliver a premium, nutritious ingredient for your food and beverage formulations. These hulled hemp seeds boast a delicious, nutty flavor and a remarkable nutritional profile, making them a perfect addition to a wide range of applications.



Specification Value
Appearance Green skin less than 5%
Nutritional Content (per serving) – Omega-3 Fatty Acids

– Omega-6 Fatty Acids

– Protein

– Dietary Fiber

Packaging Available in various sizes
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Heavy Metal Analysis
– Lead (Pb) < 0.05 ppm
– Cadmium (Cd) < 0.02 ppm
– Mercury (Hg) < 0.01 ppm
Microbiological Information
– Total Plate Count < 10,000 CFU/g
– Yeast and Mold < 1,000 CFU/g
– Salmonella Absent in 25g
– E. coli < 10 CFU/g

Key Features:

  • USDA and EU Certified Organic: Our hemp hearts meet the strict standards of the USDA and EU, ensuring the highest quality and purity for your customers.
  • Less Than 5% Green Skin: A meticulous dehulling process removes nearly all the green outer shell, resulting in a pleasant light color and mild, nutty flavor that blends seamlessly into various recipes.
  • Complete Protein Source: Hemp hearts are a plant-based protein source containing all nine essential amino acids, making them ideal for vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • Rich in Essential Nutrients: Packed with fiber, healthy fats (including Omega-3 and Omega-6), vitamins, and minerals, hemp hearts offer a powerful nutritional boost to any food product.
  • Excellent Shelf Life: Thanks to their low moisture content and minimal processing, organic hemp hearts boast a long shelf life, reducing spoilage and waste.
  • Non-GMO: Our hemp hearts areGMO-free, meeting the growing consumer demand for natural, healthy ingredients.


Hemp hearts can be incorporated into a wide range of food and beverage products, including:

  • Granola, bars, and trail mixes
  • Yogurts, smoothies, and plant-based milks
  • Salads, dressings, and dips
  • Baked goods (breads, muffins, cookies)
  • Hot cereals and oatmeal
  • Savory dishes (soups, stews, casseroles)

Bulk Wholesale:

We offer organic hemp hearts in bulk quantities to meet the demands of food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Our competitive pricing and high-quality product ensure you can provide your customers with the best value.


Protein packing

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 30 cm
Green Membranes Rate



Vegan / Vegetarian, EU & USDA organic


Product should be stored at temperature less than 20 °C, dry, dark conditions away from direct light. In closed and save packaging units.

Shelf Life

18 months


Free from all allergens or risk of allergen cross-contamination


Product is not genetically modified and does not contain any genetically modified material.


Product is not irradiated.

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