Organic hemp seed oil bulk-purchase, you just need to choose us!

Organic hemp seed oil is rich in various nutrients and has a clear light green or dark green color. We make it from organic shelled hemp seeds through low-temperature cold pressing. Hemp oil you need to try HEMPLAND

Comparison of hot press technology and cold press technology

Most of the plant oil we eat in our daily life is hot pressed oil. That is to say, the oil is cleaned and crushed before oil extraction and then heated at high temperature, so that a series of changes occur inside the oil: destroying oil cells, promoting protein denaturation, reducing oil viscosity, etc., to be suitable for oil extraction and improving oil yield.

We process the organic hemp seed oil at low temperatures, so the nutrients remain intact. Here is cold-pressed organic hemp oil advantage:

  1. Cold-pressed organic hemp oil can be preserved for a long time because it is not damaged by high temperatures.
  2. Cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil keeps natural flavor and color.
  3. The acid value is lower
  4. Cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil completely preserves physiologically active substances, which is the best choice for a healthy life.

Raw material advantage

We chose the top-grade organic hulled hemp seed as organic hemp oil raw material.

  1. 100% organic hulled hemp seed
  2. Advanced hulled technology guarantees the integrity rate of the hulled hemp seed. So it is with high nutrients.
  3. Top-grade organic hulled hemp seed is not any impurity; It also guarantees organic hemp seed oil purity.
  4. THC: <2ppm

Organic hemp seed oil benefit

Organic hemp seed oil is rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, linolenic acid, vitamins and calcium, iron, and other essential trace elements.

Hemp oil contains a lot of oleic acids and linoleic acid, which can regulate the permeability of capillaries, strengthen the absorption ability of human tissues to oxygen, improve blood circulation, promote the development of gonads, and delay senescence.

Hemp oil is the best food choice for human health and longevity.

As many people know, Bama is a world-renowned longevity town. According to an investigation, these long-lived people have two things in common. One is an optimistic open-minded mentality. Another is that Bama people mainly eat hemp products, and hemp oil is the main cooking oil. Our organic hemp oil is always exported to the EU and USA; all items meet EU and USA organic standards. Our hemp oil is 100% vegan and Non-GMO.