Are you really choosing the best cold pressed organic hemp oil?

Organic hemp seed oil is made from whole organic hemp seed or dehulled hemp seed hearts. Usually, the organic hemp seed oil is made from whole hemp seed, and the appearance is dark green.

This type of oil is popular in the market and can be processed by most manufacturers, including those in Europe, the United States, Canada, China, Australia, and New Zealand. It has a strong taste. The by-product of the green hemp seed oil is a green or brown hemp protein powder with a protein content of about 50%. It tastes rough and is not water-soluble. If doing a nutrition formula product, the effect is not good.

Another kind of organic hemp oil is made from organic dehulled hemp seeds and is light yellow in color with a nutty taste. This is the purest hemp oil. As we all know, the shell of hemp is oil-free, and the main oil comes from the hemp seed kernel inside. The yellow hemp seed oil is relatively new on the market, but it contains an ideal 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3. The by-product of the yellow seed oil is a white hemp protein powder, with a protein content of up to 80%. It is a very high-quality plant protein powder, with a very good taste and good water solubility. It is widely used in vegetarian meat and sports nutrition supplements. The main producer of yellow hemp seed oil and high content white hemp protein is China, especially the organic high content hemp protein powder.

cold pressed organic hemp oil

Why is there a high percentage of green hemp oil and a low percentage of yellow hemp oil? Let’s simply explain its technology. The process is cold pressing and is a physical pure press process. It can retain the nutrients of hemp oil to the maximum extent. At the beginning of hemp oil processing, manufacturers did not use shell equipment, directly with the whole hemp seed cold press processing hemp oil. This process prevailed for a long time, which is the main reason why green hemp oil occupies a major market share today. Another sensory reason: people think green is healthy.

Properties of vegetable oils:

Product saturated fatty acids Monounsaturated fatty acids Polyunsaturated

fatty acids

ω-6:3 ratio
oleic acid(ω-9) α-Linolenic acid(ω-3) Linoleic acid(ω-6)
Hemp seed 7.0 9.0 22.0 54.0 2.5:1
Flaxseed/linseed oil 9.0 18 53 13 0.3:1
Walnut oil 9.1 22.2 10.4 52.9 5:1
Sunflower 8.99 62.9 0.16 20.5 high

According to the World Health Organisation, the optimal ratio of omega-6: to omega3 is between 2:1 and 3:1, which is good for health and does not make people obese, which is probably why hemp oil has become so popular in recent years. With the further study of hemp oil, it is believed that yellow hemp oil will soon be loved by more and more people. Not just because it’s 100% pure hemp oil, but it’s the best ratio of ω6: ω3.

Yellow organic hemp oil is Non-GMO, gluten-free and 100% pure. It will certainly bring more health security to people’s lives and let people continue to enjoy sustainable happiness.