Market situation of organic sunflower seed oil in 2022

Organic sunflower seed oil is cold-pressed from sunflower kernel. And organic sunflower seed oil is mainly composed of linoleic acid and oleic acid, which are mainly used in food and cosmetics.

Organic sunflower seed oil is a low-temperature cold pressing process, the same process as hemp oil. It is 100% pure physical pressing, which can retain its nutrients to the greatest extent. It is 100% organic, and gluten-free.

So what are the similarities and differences between sunflower seed oil and hemp oil?

The following three points are similar:

1. All processes are cold pressing process

2. The raw materials are kernels without shells, such as hemp seed kernels and sunflower kernels

3. The main nutrients are linoleic acid and oleic acid

The differences are as follows

Properties of vegetable oils

Product saturated fatty acids Monounsaturated fatty acids Polyunsaturated
fatty acids
ω-6:3 ratio
oleic acid(ω-9) α-Linolenic acid(ω-3) Linoleic acid(ω-6)
Hemp seed 7.0 9.0 22.0 54.0 2.5:1
Sunflower 8.99 62.9 0.16 20.5 high

90% of the organic sunflower seed oil is an unsaturated fatty acid, of which linoleic acid accounts for about 66%. It also contains vitamin E, plant sterols, phospholipids, carotene, and other nutrients The worldwide consumption of sunflower oil ranks fourth among all vegetable oils after palm oil, soybean oil, and rapeseed oil.

The main origin of the organic sunflower seed oil is Ukraine. Ukraine’s fertile land, sufficient sunshine, and perennial low-temperature and cold weather give Ukraine sunflower seed green, nutritious and original ecological elements, which is called the “sunflower kingdom”, followed by China. China’s sunflower seed raw materials, sunflower seed protein, and sunflower seed oil are exported in large amounts.

Market situation of organic sunflower seed oil in 2022

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the global food supply chain has been impacted. In addition to the main grains such as wheat and corn, sunflower seed oil, as an important edible oil, has also been affected This has forced companies to switch to sesame oil, pumpkin seed oil, and other vegetable oils as substitutes. Soybean oil is not used in many food formulas, because soybean oil is usually made from genetically modified soybeans. Another reason why European consumers prefer sunflower oil is that sunflower oil is more delicious and clean, and has more advantages in making fried fish and other foods.
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